Ecuador's name originates from its geographic location on the equinoctial line, otherwise known as the equator, which divides the northern and southern hemispheres of the planet. This small country contains the Andes Mountains, highlands, coastal plains, the Amazon Rainforest and the famous Galápagos Islands that UNESCO declared as a World Heritage Site and marine reserve.

Ecuador: An exotic country with unique characteristics.


Because our country has such rich biodiversity of flora and fauna, we are also considered to be one of the 17 mega diverse countries in the world. This, in addition the diversity of cultures and traditions, makes Ecuador the fascinating and unique country that it is today.


In Ecuador, the region known as "el Carmen" in Manabí, one of Ecuador's provinces, has specific climactic conditions that make the soil extremely rich and perfect for the production of barraganete plantains and cassava plants, grown to have exquisite flavors. In fact, nationally, the flavor of the barraganete plantains has been valued so much that is considered to be the "Green Gold" of our country.