Harvesting with a conscience
Platayuc has commercial partnerships with its farmers.

We guarantee the quality of our products during every step of the process, starting from the selection of seedlings for planting, to the fruit classification for product production that reaches our consumers. We partner with certified greenhouses that grow plants with high quality, high performance and resistance to pests and diseases.

Our vision for the future is to encourage and promote organic farming producers in our country.

Through business alliances with producers, Platayuc has strived to bring a high quality product for our consumers but also paying decent wages to our employees so that they may lead good living standards with their families. Using fair trade practices, we create a trusting relationship with our farmers and factory workers; in turn, they are committed to working towards the sustainable and responsible production of our delicious plantain chips. Through these practices we are able to fulfill our main objective that is to develop processes that minimize environmental impact.